Friday, December 9, 2011

oh christmas tree oh christmas tree...why is your star so droopy?

we did something new this year and decided to get a really big tree. 10 feet i think?  it's big and beautiful, and was a lot of work to decorate!  my dad, rowan and i decorated it last friday night while derek worked an all-nighter at the fun :)

rowan was crazy about decorating...and especially loved climbing on the ladder.  we all even made a trip to meijer beforehand to buy extra lights...which is a rare treat for my kids.  i never take them anywhere - i'm always way too tired after work or i have so little time that i don't take them with since they make the trip so much more complicated.  so they thoroughly enjoyed walking thru the aisles and pointing at everything.  i was giggling inside as we made our way thru the store...such a simple and regular thing for most families is a big deal for us.  my dad had a good time too.  he pushed the kiddos around in the grocery cart and laughed as they pointed in awe at everything.  rowan was really good though, especially when it came to the toy aisle.  she didn't cry or scream or demand...just dreamed :)  what a sweetheart.

we ended up saving the star for daddy like we do every year.  it took almost a week but he finally got around to putting it up a few nights ago.  i'm not sure if he was trying to be funny or if he just wasn't in the mood, but he just reached up and plopped the star on top and didn't even trim the top at all.  needless to say, we have a droopy falling star...but i think we all actually like it that way.

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