Wednesday, September 3, 2014

a few projects and a whole lot of CRAZY

Projects. Could I have ANY more? I've been drowning a little in work the last week or two. I took on one project, then another popped up, and another...and then a few friends asked for help...and here I am. Swimming in them. I think I'm working on 6 different things, and have a handful (or two) waiting in the wings. Don't get me wrong...I love it. It's just been awhile. Life has been on hold for nine months. This is just a little weird to be honest. Me, doing something other than ... well, whatever it is we've been doing all these months. Surviving, I guess? Surviving is hard work :)

Derek and I have been having some heart to hearts lately {which I love by the way}...just talking about the reality of all that is this gora life. We've been pretty quiet about it around here, but every once in awhile one of us just needs to talk. It's funny how that works. We'll just be trucking along and then one of us will stop...pause...and in disbelief ask the other if we really just went thru all this. We're still processing it all. Talking thru the moments. Shaking our heads. Crying a little. And somehow, we keep finding ourselves praising God that He chose US to suffer THIS. Sounds crazy, right? Being thankful for something so hard. But we truly are. We're different because of it. We see God in everything...I don't want to lose that. I think we're both afraid that this world is going to dig it's heels in again and we'll go back to wearing those smudged up glasses. Still seeing Him, loving Him...but from a distance. Right now we're still close to it. IT being that hurt and circumstance that screamed a deeper faith into our hearts. People probably think we're crazy for how we see life right now. God in everything? Yep. We're crazy all right. Please life, let us stay CRAZY. 

And you know...[just for the record] I don't share these things because we want to sound good or look holy or anything like that. We're far from either of those. We're still broken like the rest of this world and most days get a big fat stinking F on the ol' life report card. No should have seen my display of madness today when I left late to pick up Rowan from school and I realized I forgot my phone. MY PHONE. Oh no. The world was going to end. I'm shaking my head as I type this...[bad Mommy]. I yelled, turned the car around [like a psycho I might add] and went back and got the treasured "waste of time" or as others like to call it..."cell phone". Poor Rigby. He must think I'm nuts. See...I got an F today. Not good, and oh, SO not holy. As always, a day full of reminders that I need a savior. And maybe a day off. Geez.

Back to the good stuff. How about those projects? I've decided I need to keep my life simple and stick with one blog. I've been trying to keep my design business blog going...but that's just impossible for this momma of 3. So whatever I'm working on is going to find it's way on here. So brace yourselves. It's about to get a little crafty around here.

I'm helping a friend with some centerpieces at the moment. We're using some of my favs...wheat grass, burlap, twine, pheasant feathers. Seriously -- these are going to be the loveliest little creations EVER. I will share the final photo once all the parts and pieces are assembled, but it will be a few days yet before we're there. We decided they needed a little whimsy added in so I pulled out the ol' chalkboard paint. I spent the morning cutting up a diaper box to create these little flags and painted them [please see the small red child sized paint brush below]. Whatever works my friends. I'm the queen of wing...meaning, I almost always wing it. 

I didn't even measure.
I prefer when things look home made!
my painting skills are top notch aren't they?
thank goodness chalk board paint dries beautifully
one assembled mini flag and burlap flower
using some wooden kitchen skewers as stands
I can barely stand the cuteness.
Just waiting for their destination...

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