Saturday, September 7, 2013

our final days at wildflower way

By the grace of GOD, we were finally able to successfully sell our first home...509 Wildflower Way.  It seemed like it took forever to get thru the by owner process, but we finally did and closed on September 13 (friday the 13th at that)! 

The buyer turned out to be a really nice and honest young man...which is probably why we were able to sell it so simply like we did.  No lawyers, no realtors, no problems.  Thank you Lord!  Even when we were at closing the agents seemed to laugh a little at the situation.  I think our "contract" was a little over basic.  A one page document stating the address, the buyer/seller, and the amount.  :)

We found out we were closing on Friday, the Sunday before.  SO, I packed our whole house and we moved in 6 days.  It was quite a week...from making baby and printing baby shower invitations to battling a large wasp nest in the crawl space...somehow we got it all done!
goodbye lovely home
goodbye giant wasp's nest!
We spent the last few hours (that didn't involve packing) fishing of course!  My dad and my brother [Chad] and nephew [Cassidy] spent time with us casting out some lines too.  
We were all trying to catch that big bass again...

Derek just reeled in his big catch
a big one!
a close up
and this is the monster I caught was too big for me to take off the line
whoa momma!

I'm gonna miss this...

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