Friday, November 1, 2013


We're stuck home today since my hubby took the truck keys...which gives me a chance to catch up on some blogging!  It's been awhile...where do I begin?

Let's start with the present...HALLOWEEN!!! We went trick or treating with our good friends Kyle and Katie and their two little ones (Haley and Chase).  Both Katie and I are pregnant so we stayed home while the guys took the kids out...this being their first times man-ning up and doing it! It was also a rainy night so this mama was more than glad to stay in.

We started off the night with a Halloween birthday party for baby Martynn (Michelle's youngest) who turned one.  That was lots of fun.  There were about 30 kids - mostly all cousins - running around all costumed up.  And Michelle had some yummy chili and soups and was a really a great way to kick off trick or treating.  It's nights like this that make sweet memories. I'm so thankful for all the close friends and family we have around us.

This was the first year I took the kids to pick out their own years past, I've always just bought something or looked online since they were so little.  I wish you could have seen their little eyes all aglow staring at the costume wall in party city...they were so excited.  And again, another fun memory.

Rowan picked out Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz (which was perfect since she already has those red fancy shoes she wears everywhere) and Rig picked a super hero of course...Batman.
Rowan as a princess for her preschool party
Let's not mention Mommy forgot her costume...
but I drove to Michelle's to borrow one.
[bad mommy]
Rigby sizing up his costume
i let the kids make fun halloween treats
to hand out to their friends...marshmallow pops
dipped in chocolate
and some scary chocolate suckers
ready to go

Batman waiting at the door for daddy to see
Dorothy getting ready
Rowan and her BFF Ainsley
anyone like their eggs sunny side up?
Mommy's attempt at a costume :)
the kids spent the morning organizing their loot
so fun!

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  1. Haha LOVE Riggy's "crooked" mask in that pic! Its got his little personality all thrown in there! Such cuties! ;)