Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mickey Mouse Parade

We took the kids to see Mickey Mouse in Chicago a few weeks's a Disney Parade downtown the night of the big Christmas tree lighting.  We went with our friends Joe & Kelsey Starke and their two daughters Kylie and Lyla.  I dreaded the idea of going at first with the crowds and cold and all that, but it was so much fun!  I think sometimes I get selfish with my time at home on the weekends since I work all week long and then end up missing out on fun little getaways like this one.  It was so much fun and really so worth it to see Rowan's face light up when she saw all the big balloons and the characters in the parade.  It was so could tell she thought Mickey was waving at her....awwww :) 

Rowan also had a great time with Kylie who is 3.  The girls played dolls and jumped on the bed and even ended up sleeping together in the same bed.  It was just darling to watch them together.  They were each lying in the bed together, holding their baby dolls and blankies, giggling and playing. 

Waiting on Mickey...Rowan is being a goof as usual!

We borrowed a friend's double jogging stroller so the kids got to snuggle in side by side :)

Rowan blowing kisses to Mickey

And waving with eyes full of glee...just look at her sweet!

She had to sit on Daddy's shoulders to see over the crowd
Rigby stuffing his face...all layered in warm clothes and looking LARGE

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