Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gingerbread anyone?

Rowan and I decorated a gingerbread house today.  She was sooooo excited and couldn't wait for Rigby to go down for his morning nap so we could break open the "kit".  We don't have the time or energy to bake our own gingerbread these days, so the Walmart kit really worked wonders for us gals.

Rowan ate a lot of candy as you might imagine, but in the spirit of Christmas this mommy could not say no :)  We ate and iced and stuck candies until we ran out...lots of fun of course.  Rowan's favorite part was licking Santa I think, but eating gumballs was a close second.  I guess this gingerbread memory will be staying with her for quite awhile...gum digests slow right?  Ha! 

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