Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rowan the Artist

Rowan likes to make her mark on things these days...with crayons and sidewalk chalk and pens. So I let her put her artist skills to work for Father's Day to make her daddy a card. She also helped make him one last year, but she was more into drooling on paper and eating it than coloring at that point. I always make the cards I give to Derek and it's fun now having Rowan help. Unfortunately for Father's Day this year we got a little bit of a late start and were making the card the morning of. And I had a little bit of hard time keeping her "on task" with all the glue, scissors, crayons and markers lying around. So, our card ended up being a little pathedic this time (see below) but it still served it's purpose well. Her daddy liked it, and she was proud of what she made so I guess that's all that mattered.

Have I mentioned that Rowan tried drawing with sidewalk chalk on our new truck? Um yeah, but thankfully chalk wipes right off the outside of a car -- whew! She also brought her chalk into the house and drew on my kitchen floor. FYI chalk also wipes off the kitchen floor. And while I was on my hands and knees scrubbing our floors yesterday, I found that crayon can also be cleaned off wood and tile. Hmmmm. But unfortunately, I don't think ink pen comes off of computer screens, does it? Well, when I wrote earlier that Rowan likes to "leave her mark", I just wanted to make sure you fully understood what that meant. I'm a little scared of the day she's tall enough to reach her daddy's flat screen tv. I'm sure to her it appears to be a blank canvas just awaiting her handiwork.

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