Saturday, June 26, 2010

Big sister

Rowan has been so sweet and loving to her new baby brother. It's fun to see her trying to "mommy" him and teach him things. She likes to stick his bottle in his mouth and help put baby powder on him and hand me diapers when I'm changing him. I really have to keep my eye on her though because she's tried feeding him her snacks a few times. Yikes. I don't need the little guy choking on a fruit snack.

One really cute thing Rowan is doing right now is saying "awwww" every time she sees a picture of Rigby on my phone or camera. It's funny because that is obviously the sound I make when looking at the pictures and now she's doing it. It still cracks me up though because she catches me off guard when she does she thinks the picture is cute or something. Hahaha :)

Here's a video of Rowan "helping" Rigby make a phone call, well sort of.

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  1. love seeing the pics and video of rigby and rowan...i miss them so much. can't believe how big he is!