Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fun with Mimi

Rowan sure loves her Grandma and Grandpa Overman. My mom is usually the 1st person she asks for in the morning...and my friend Erin of course. Right now, Erin is in first place with Rowan. Sorry mom. She wakes up, talks about Air-ee (how she says Erin) and then Mimi, Daddy and the baby. She sure has her favorites!

My mom came over a week or so ago to visit Rowan and I wanted to make sure I took a few pics of her and her Mimi playing together. My mom is so good with Rowan and doesn't just sit and watch her play, but always gets into the nitty gritty and really plays with her. I think that is why Rowan loves her Mimi so much. Here are a few pics of the two of them wrestling and getting a little crazy; Rowie likes to play rough! She learned this from her daddy who can "take" it. I don't think Mimi is made to wrestle and get pushed around...even if it is by a 1 year old.

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