Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rowan's 1st Birthday!

Well, this is late -- but it's hard to find time these days to blog! We had Rowan's 1st birthday party a few weeks ago and despite a little bit of rain and a packed house -- it was a success!

Rowan had fun opening up presents with mommy and playing with her cousins and friends. She was (as usual) a little shy with all of the commotion and people...but she warmed up eventually and got right down to the business of playing. She wasn't too much of a fan of the singing and everyone staring at her during the cake part...but it was at least amusing for all of us to watch her squirm. My mom said I was exactly like Rowan at her age and put my head down at my 1st party to hide when everyone sang to me. So she gets it honest I guess :)

Here are some pics...

Daddy's girl

Mommy I want to play!

mmmm yummy cupcake

I hate singing...

Look at me look at me!

Ride em' cowgirl

Rowan and Haley sitting in their big girl chairs

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