Thursday, June 18, 2009

and the answer is...

Well, I'm finally happy to report that tonight is Thursday, 6 nights after the start of hellweek and we can happily report that YES THIS BABY FINALLY SLEEPS!!! We started letting her cry it out on Saturday night and it took 4 bad nights and 1 mediocre night and she's finally falling asleep awake in her crib without a hassle. So far she hasn't made it an entire night w/out waking up and crying...but we'll see what tonight brings. Things are looking good!!

Praise the Lord. I feel like a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I can't explain the frustration and helpless feeling I carried around knowing that each night was going to be such a battle with her. I'm so very thankful that we went ahead and had those tubes put in. It's a miracle -- really. We tried this before and we had screaming 14 nights and she never caught on. I'm so relieved! Whoooooo-hooooooooo!!! Victory is so sweet.

I'd run in and take a pic of her sleeping right now to commemorate this milestone...but it's SOOOOOO not worth the chance that she might wake up :)

Instead here's a pic of her playing with her Mimi last week after her surgery...I think she looks like a little old lady with a walker

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