Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ponytail and a Party

Rowan sported her very first ponytail over the weekend! Very exciting! Especially since we had to wait 12 whole months for her lovely locks of hair.

Mimi and Papa came over Saturday and played with Rowee. They went on a bike-ride, played ball, played gymnastics on the wood rack, and drank lots of yummy orange drink. Rowan was especially fond of Mimi's glass and ice cubes...something new for her I guess.

Later that night we headed over to Aunt Janel's house for a combined birthday party: Cousin Cort's 1st birthday, Cousin Lorelei's 3rd birthday, and buddy Alivia's 3rd it was a PARTY! Lot's of crazy kids, fun princess hats and even a candy bracelet (Rowee's personal favorite).

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