Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday March 24 - Home again

We ended up spending another 5 days in the hospital but have been home again for a few days now. Whooo hoo! Derek is getting back on his feet again, and I feel like we have a little better handle on some of these ongoing issues. His doctors are following him closely and have set him up with some home nursing care which should make things a little easier and keep him HOME. We were actually laughing with some of the doctors before they set us free last week - I guess they refer to as Derek a medical "fascinoma" - mainly because nothing ever seems to quite add up with this guy. I think they want to keep testing and testing him (both for his sake and medical info). Thankfully though, they cannot argue with the size of my ever increasing baby belly and couldn't help but be sympathedic to where we are in life right now...and finally agreed to let us go! The thought of checking out of one hospital and into another is definitely not at the top of our list at the moment, but at least the conditions are a little different this time. I've been telling people how my heart and mind just are NOT ready for this focus has been elsewhere (obviously!). But here we are, about a week and half away from baby #3 and gearing up for another big life change. A few nights ago we were sitting here staring at each other, trying to wrap our minds around the fact that we'll be bringing a newborn home to all this. Honestly, ya'll must be praying for us...because today we are in better spirits and maybe even slightly excited about this baby :) It's not that we aren't truly in love this new little life God has given us...not at all. We honestly just haven't been able to let our minds go there over these last couple months.

I think this little baby's arrival is being perfectly timed by our AMAZING God...squeezing into this hard spot at just the right moment and bringing this family of mine a little taste of true JOY. 

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