Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rowan and Cousin Sydnee

We had Rowan's Cousin Sydnee spend the night last weekend, which was big fun for Rowan.  All week Rowan has been brushing her teeth and potty training and keeps saying "I do it like Sydnee Mommy"...which is so sweet.  Rowan really looks up to her cousin, and Syd is so good with her. 

The girls watched Tangled (Rapunzel), colored, played with their pillow pets, and did sidewalk chalk and make necklaces.  Lots of fun!  Whenever Sydnee sleeps over we always take the chaise cushions from our sofa and put them on the floor in Rowan's room w/a sheet for a make-shift bed just in case.  The plan was for the girls to sleep together in Rowan's bed, but we wanted to make sure Syd had a back up plan if Rowan kicked or hogged the bed.  Well, Rowan was so excited about the idea of sleeping on the floor that she insisted on sleeping down there and having Syd in her bed!  It was really funny...only a two year old would give up their bed to sleep on the floor :)

FYI our camera has been broke for a few weeks, so we're relying on our horrible camera phones for all photography...pretty sad.

Rowan's trying so hard to be a big girl...she kept copying whatever position Syd would take.  I missed the shot with her arms above her head :)


snuggling their pillow pets and getting ready for night night

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