Monday, June 6, 2011

white sox game!

On Saturday we headed over (with the kids) to Logan's Roadhouse for my dear friend Becky's retirement party.  It was fun getting to see all my old friends from my mpa days...Pam and her two little sweet babies, Roger and Betty Lou, Mike and Karen, and of course my Becky :)  We all had a nice lunch together and wished Becky a long overdue farewell to mpa!  I'm so excited for her as she moves onward and upward out of the grasp of kill-joy and co.

Derek and I ended up dropping the kids off at my mom's for an overnighter and headed home to get ready for our big date day on Sunday.  We went to our first White Sox game this year with our friends Karen and Steve.  We did some pre-game tailgating which included some yummy burgers and beer and a little corn-hole.  Good times :)  It was nice to be out and enjoy some time as a couple!! 

We did manage to get the kids their own little sox's Rowie donning hers on the way to the sitter's today.  She absolutely loves to wear hats, and was super excited about her very own ball cap.  You'll notice she's also coloring in the's her new "thing".  She carries her tote of crayons, her purse, and her coloring book around wherever she goes . It's so cute to see her doing such big girl stuff.  She's also letting me paint her nails and she's graduated to flip flops (two things that used to freak her out!).  Big stuff I tell ya :)

Rowan's concentration face...I caught her in the midst of some serious coloring

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