Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Roll-ee Pole-ee

Rigby started rolling over just after he turned 3 months old and hasn't really stopped since.  Every time I lay him on his back to play he flops over.  I've even been finding him on his belly in the morning when he wakes up.  It scares me a little bit...sometimes I wake up just to check on him to make sure he's still breathing.  The doctors just scare you to death about SIDS and warn you to definitely not sleep them on their tummies or with blankets or toys...not to use baby name it.  They put the fear of God in you.  Geesh.

Rigby's been teething lately too.  I think the little guy can get a better bite on his fingers when he's on his belly.  He's constantly attacking his fingers and chewing and drooling.  His gums are a swollen too so those teeth should be popping thru any day now.   

Teething has also been affecting Rig's sleeping.  He was sleeping 10-12 hours solid each night.  But since this teething started he's been waking up every couple hours and having diarrhea.  It's so gross.  His little butt has been so sore!  I always thought teething causing diarrhea was an old wives' tale but Rigby has been pooping for about 9 days straight usually more than 8 times a day/night and is not sick.  It's nuts!  I took him to the doctor and he wouldn't admit that it was teething causing it...he said maybe it was viral and wasn't concerned since he's obviously still gaining weight. The little guy is still happy and smiling and eating like a champ so I guess all is well.

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