Monday, May 17, 2010

Rigby is 1 month old!

I snapped a few shots of Rigby yesterday while I was sweating out another ferocious fever (I had a very icky weekend by the way) and was surprised to see how much the pics looked like Rowan at exactly the same age. So I'm including two pics for you all to's so crazy.

Rigby's on the left / Rowan's on the right

Obviously Rowan is much prettier than Rigby and rightly so, she IS a girl after all :) haha. Rowan's pics were also taken with Aunt Linda's awesome camera which is professional grade so that's in her favor here too. Linda's going to be coming out there soon to snap a shot of Rigby for his baby announcement...I'm a little late getting one out. He's a month old now -- which is hard to believe -- so we better get crackin'.

I took Rigby for his 1 month appointment this morning and here are his stats:
Weight 12lbs 2oz and in the 95% (Rowan was 10lbs 15oz and in the 75%)
Height 23 1/2" and in the >95% (Rowan was 21 3/4" and in the 90%)
What a chunk!

That means this boy has grown 4 lbs and 3 1/2" since we brought him home. I guess that will happen if you force your mother to feed you EVERY 2 hours for a month :)


  1. can sure tell they're related....too cute!

  2. Get those babies ready..... It's picture time. I'm charging all my batteries and I'm all set for Friday. Tell Rowie that Aunt Linda said to get her big girl smile ready! And Rig, well I don't know what to have you tell him, I don't think he understands us yet :-)