Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Recent pics!

No time to write...Rigby is about to wake up and Rowan is almost done with her are some of the latest pics of these two cuties.

Rigby's GANGSTER pose

Had to include this one because of the DIMPLES!

My girlfriend Erin holding Rigby in the only position in which he would not scream...he's actually asleep here!

The coolest kids around...

Big sister Rowie...and Rigby with an old man face :)

Daddy and Rigby hanging out

Everyone's tired at our house...and Daddy and Rowan take time for a Sunday nap...they're ALOT alike :)

Rowan playing with moon sand

Rowan dancing with her baby

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  1. Love these pictures, they are sooooooo cute and can you believe how big Rowan looks next to Rig??