Thursday, March 18, 2010

Random Rowee

Here I go again not keeping up with Rowan's blog...I've been busy and tired, you know the routine. There's work, the house and groceries and cooking and loads of laundry that live out their lives in baskets and on the floor, the new baby's nursery project, there's Rowan of course who loves to be held by momma and climb everything and empty cabinets and leave trails of toys and shoes all over, my hunk of a husband Derek who has achey joints and muscles that need rubbed from his new job, trying to keep up with Bible studies and our church groups, and then the whole being 9 months pregnant thing.

iy-yi-yiiii. Anyone want to trade lives? Actually the only part I want to trade away is the 1st item on the list...WORK. Oh how I'd love to concentrate all of my energy and heart on the more important parts of my life that seem somehow to get the least amount of my time...hmmmm.

On a lighter note...Rowan just had her 18 month appt with Dr. Lin and all is well. She's been stuck at the same weight since she turned one...about 26 lbs. Dr. Lin said she's following the growth curve just right however and that there is nothing to worry about. Rowan is a bit of picky eater though. She definitely has her favorites. I've found though that if I give her enough time, eventually she'll eat most of what is in front of her. I blame Derek -- he's a picky eater and passed his stubborn food eating antics on to his precious baby girl. I'm praying this next baby is a little more easy going when it comes to food!

Here are some random shots of Rowan over the past month...

Rowan with her favorite buddy Cousin Sydnee...their 1st sleepover together

Playing with her baby doll's mini pack-in-play

Still in love with shoes of course...but has moved on to heels

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