Wednesday, February 10, 2010

no more desitin!

Late last week I think we discovered that Rowan is allergic to Desitin -- or at least the more powerful "maximum" strength version. Rowan has been having a bout with diaper rash over the last month. I really think it hasn't healed up because she doesn't respond well to certain diaper rash creams. The one that works the best for Rowee is the Aveeno brand -- which has been sold out at both Target and BabysRus for awhile now. How annoying!

I've been using Butt Paste (what a fabulous name) over the last month during the Aveeno drought, but her little bottom doesn't really respond to it. So anyway, last week I went out and bought some high octane Desitin with like 40% zinc oxide. I lathered her up before bed and put her ni-night. No problems...or so I thought.

The next morning I put some more on her before sending her off to the babysitter and then Jill called me in the morning asking if Rowan was sick or allergic to anything. She ended up getting a rash on her bottom, back of her legs, her feet and a little on her face. I was so worried! I wanted to leave work immediately but Jill put her down for a nap...which lasted 3 whole hours! Anyway, she woke up completely healed. Whew. Below is the photo Jill text'd me as "proof of life" afterwards.

Poor baby! No more Desitin for us that's for sure.

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