Thursday, April 2, 2009

Crashing hotels from here to Hilton Head

We went on our 1st vacaction as a family this passed weekend, and I can honestly say that Derek and I have never been SO happy to get home! We drove down to South Carolina (14 hours one way) for a friend's wedding and ended up taking Rowan to the local Hilton Head ER because she had a fever that would not break. She was diagnosed with a double ear infection and had a temp between 101-102 for 5 days. The poor baby girl was just uncomfortable and icky the entire trip. And besides all that, she was stuck in a car seat for much of it for days on end!!

It was a rough trip sick wise, but Derek and I still really enjoyed the getaway aspect of it all. I'm so glad that we're both laid back and can go with the flow when things don't go as planned...

We decided to stay a bit longer on Sunday to catch some rays and suited Rowan up in her cute Target bathing suit that I purchased for our trip. I'm glad she got to wear it poolside even if only for an afternoon. What a chunk!

Well anyway, she really was a good girl despite all the sickness...she tried to play and move around as much as her little sick body would let her. Except for at night-night time -- that's when she was in the worst shape and was crying, yelling, and coughing nonstop. I feel bad for whoever was blessed to share the adjoining hotel room wall with us...

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