Saturday, April 18, 2009

Crib Eater

Since Rowan's top teeth came in she's been chewing like crazy. I found her on Saturday morning after her nap with remnants of her crib all over her face. She started biting the top rail and the actual wood finish came off all over her face! I almost had a heart attack!!!

I've been so disappointed with our crib purchase -- that darn JCPenneys. When we first bought the crib we had to return it because some of the wood was splitting...then the new crib had missing pieces...then the wood on the matching changing table top split...and now the paint is coming off all over Rowan's face!!! After fighting it out with Penny's they gave me a refund on both pieces! Thank the Lord!! So now we don't have to worry about Rowan choking on her crib and all the wood issues and all that. We ordered a new one
from Pottery Barn that will be arriving in about 4 weeks.

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