Friday, March 20, 2009

Play Time

On Wednesdays Rowan goes to my best friend Michelle's house while I'm at work. And it's so great because she absolutely LOVES playing with Michelle's 4 kids. She's usually wiped out by the time she gets home from all the fun! Michelle's kids are ages 5,4,2.5 and 8 months old so you can imagine all the goings on for Rowan that day...lot's of entertainment that's for sure :)

This Wednesday when we got home Rowan was soooooo tired but just wasn't ready to throw in the she is zonked out with toy in hand!

Sorry about the poor photo quality, but Derek snapped this shot with his phone. It seems we've been taking a lot of phone pics lately. We need to get some batteries for our regular camera here soon. Every time Rowan does something cute (which seems rather often-hahaha) we have to scramble to find a camera that works. Ah!

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