Wednesday, March 25, 2009

6 months old

Little Row is sick today, and I decided to stay home from work to baby her. Actually I didn't have much of choice today anyway since Derek is off at appointments -- and it's not fair to send her over to Michelle's to spread the germs. But of course I don't mind...any extra days I get to spend with her instead of at work are a bonus.

Right now she's lying in her crib complaining...and it's not because she's sick! We had her 6 month check up at the doctor today and he said it's time for her to learn to fall asleep on her own. So we're trying something new for her afternoon nap today...going down for a nap without the loving rock to sleep. I thought it was going to be a breeze at first because she was content to admire her mobile and play a little...but now she's crying. Poor baby! Five minutes ...that's all I'm going to wait :(

She was a big girl today though and took her immunizations like a champ. She weighs 18lbs-15oz and is 26 1/4"long. She's still in the 95% percentile for weight and 75% for everything else...big girl! The doctor also said it's time to start brushing her little teeth (with water) and introducing a sippy cup. Sounds fun!!

I finally got batteries for my camera and downloaded some pics from last month. Here's one of Row and her Aunt Katie...she's wearing the outfit Katie and Peggy gave us as a shower gift. It's funny though because she looks like she's Katie's baby here with those blue eyes...not mine!!

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