Saturday, March 28, 2015

cozy minimalist - master bedroom

I'm doing something surprising. I'm taking an online design course. What?! Yep. Me, doing something for myself. ??? Why not ya'll? And yes, I realize that I'm already a designer. But it's always good to stretch yourself a bit and to be open to learning new ways of doing things. Plus, I never do things for myself. I take on projects for friend's nurseries and kitchens and never...and I mean NEVER...finish my own spaces. I think I get designer block because I love a million different styles, and get caught up designing and redesigning and then never end up doing anything. So I leave things as is. I don't add to them. I don't accessorize. I wait. And a year later...I'm still there. Using old and unwanted furniture that doesn't belong in the spot it's in, but that I have dreams for.

For instance, there were two or three quirky lamps and little tables in this house when we moved in. Now they're being used as our night stands and lighting in our master bedroom, and they just don't belong. Like at all. I have ideas for them of course. To paint and repurpose...along with a million other things I collect and stash away in corners of rooms, and our basement, and our barn. {sigh}

Our house is basically a blank canvas. Every room was painted white by the previous homeowners, probably to help it sell. And I LOVE it. There's just something about a classic white backdrop that makes me feel happy. But my hubby has commented on it, more than once, and I guess that man needs color. So I know a few rooms will get a splash of something eventually. If I can ever make a decision.

A few months ago I spotted an old door in the barn that I thought would be perfect for a headboard in our bedroom. I measured it...and yep. The perfect size. I mentioned it to the hubs and got "the nod". Then I waited. And waited. And well, we're busy. Things just don't happen around here until you put the drill in your own hand. And it usually happens unplanned, while in the middle of doing dishes. And you realize the kids are busy and the baby's why the heck not?

Well, one reason might be because it has to weigh over 100 lbs. NOT KIDDING. But I heave hoed that sucker under my arm, then on my back, and even balanced it on my head. Oh what a show the neighbors had. Eventually, I made it to the patio and thoughtfully placed it where it could not be missed.

And then the hubs realized I was serious. And well...the rest is history. Isn't he dashing by the way? Oh how I love this guy. {swoon}

And voila! Now I feel like a true adult. I have a headboard. For the first time EVER. {insert clap of hands emoji}.

This bedroom has a long way to go though. And I know this online course thru the Nester will inspire and equip me to actually finish something for myself. AND to do it better than I would on my own!

I'm seriously SO stinking excited about this course! It's a 4 week course called the Cozy pick a room and the designer guides you thru the design process helping you to finish it off . And it's using a lot of the stuff you already have in your home, buying new, repurposing...whatever fits in to your style and budget. SO FUN! I'm doing it with a friend, so we're both tackling our unfinished rooms together. I'm hoping to post her room on here as well. It's impossible to overdose on "before and afters" right?

Here are my embarrassing before photos. And it's embarrassing because it's stark and empty and this is supposedly my JOB people. My rooms should not look like this, I know. But I've refused to accessorize and move forward since I haven't had a plan. That will be changing though!!!

You can see we're in the process of replacing old windows. It had to be done. This place is an ice house in the winter. It was built in 1889, which basically means no insulation. Like anywhere. Can you hear my teeth chattering??? [brrrrrrr]

The dresser above I got a garage sale like 6 years ago. I was pregnant at the time so I did a quick paint job of a chocolate color, but never got around to adding pulls or finishing it correctly...which is SO me by the way. I'm going to repaint it for my bedroom redo though. And finally do it justice. Yippee!!!

And you can see the blue beaded chandelier I made for a friend's barn style wedding reception. It was a fabulous off white at the time and hung above their head table, lit with LED' charming! Ever since it's been making appearances at baby showers and IF gatherings. And of course, it ended up in the corner of my bedroom because there was an existing hook in the Not completely thought out. But it is lovely. :)

And then there's my cow chair. I took an upholstery class in college with some friends and thus the cow chair was born. It was the time people kept coming into the upholstery shop asking to buy the "cow chair". Who knew? It's been thru a lot all these years though. The arms and legs need some major repair. Or maybe a paint job. Hmmmm...

And how about those lamps? The one on the left is somewhat hideous...but I see potential. I've thought about ripping the fabric off the shade and using is as a shell for a hanging pendant. And then painting the base and maybe adding a new shade {two lights out of one!!!}. And the table it sits upon...well...not my style. But I always envisioned it as a little vanity desk for my daughter. But that's yet another project.

And I have some work to do on these doors below. I also need to figure out what to do with the high storage above. I thought about opening them up and making a little library up there with a rolling ladder. Crazy, right? Or basket storage. Oh the possibilities...

There's lots to do in the next four weeks! Stay tuned :)

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