Saturday, August 23, 2014

It is well

I'm up to my ears this morning in house cleaning and interior projects...not to mention the fam, but I had to take a few minutes to blog otherwise it may NEVER happen. I'm trying to type as quiet as I a few minutes the three people that are able to walk will be crowding me and asking me for things. :)

So where do I start? How about with the biggest and best happenings as of late.

Derek is in the clear and released to work! Yep. We're back. It's August now, which means this is month of EIGHT of Derek being off work. [um, totally crazy, right?] So it is beyond awesome and a huge praise that he's been medically released to be a working man again. I can't believe we've even been able to make ends meet with no income to speak of for all this time. I know I repeat this ALOT. But my heart is overwhelmed really and it comes to mind often. It's been the amazing and giving people in our church, our family and dear friends, and those crazy ironworkers who have kept us afloat...and I'm sure the many who have even given to us without us even knowing. May God bless these people. Seriously. We have our home and food and new school backpacks because people gave to us from their very own pockets. Thank you all from the very deepest spot in my heart. Not having to worry about these things has really helped us to focus on what really matters in this life of ours...the people in it. That's been HUGE for us. It's been a long road and what you've all really given us is time to heal. And that my friends is priceless.

Derek graduated and officially has his "book" and a degree! That means if he can find a job, he'll be able to make that full ironworkers wage. Whooo-hooo! Plus, he graduated ya'll. I'm so proud of him. He worked hard these passed 3 years going to class, doing homework [like every night...ew] and working full time to make this happen. He really is the King of Iron [a nickname from school he may never live down...ha].
being a goof...
waiting to make it official
sweet victory!
great job guys
all that hard work payed off!!
[aka...king of iron]
We have a kindergarten-er...if that's even a word. Our little Rowan Mae is growing up. She had been saying for weeks that she did NOT want to go. But when the time came, she didn't even shed a tear [she left that for her Momma]. She is loving it too. The little homework papers, her new lunch box, recess with cousins, using pencils and erasing...the little sweet details that make this time so special for her. I pray blessings upon this child. That she will grow and live and give all of her heart to her God. That she will be a light in this world and in her classroom. Yes, I want her to learn and have dreams and be a genius, if she must. But more than all that, I want her to live each day fully to the One that makes all that possible. In the days before she started school I talked to her a lot about this God of ours. How He has a plan for her life. How he protects her and that she never needs to fear because her God is with her.

The night before she started school she asked me to read a story from her Bible. She chose "The Captain of the Storm" from Mark 4 and Matthew 8. And I love the way God works by the way. She chose the very bedtime story she needed to get her thru her own fear...that dreaded first day of school. It's the story of when Jesus falls asleep in the boat and that crazy storm comes...and his friends are scared sick because the waves are so high and crashing so hard that they are sure the boat is going to tip. Thru their eyes, it's chaos and fear. But they forgot that they're not alone in the boat. That big, huge FORCE that is God was there the whole time. He awakes and with a word..." 'Hush!'...the strangest thing happened. The wind and the waves recognized Jesus' voice"...and all the storm became still and quiet. This actually meant something to Rowan because one of her favorite songs to sing is It is Well by Kristene Dimarco. There's a part in the song that says "the waves and wind still know His name". This gave me the opportunity to explain the words she sings regularly. That even the wind and waves obey God...nothing can get in the way of the good plan He has for those that are His. Her eyes lit up to make the connection. A big truth, but simple enough to connect the dots. Gotta love that gospel.

We belted this song out on our drive to school Wednesday morning. Just me and my little fearful five year old. Praise God for a timely word and song.

So yes, my dear little one. Thru it ALL, keep your eyes on Him. Trust in Him, the waves and wind still know His name. Just like all those years ago on a boat carrying our Jesus and his friends. A good truth for us all. Five years old or over thirty five.

It is well friends. Jesus is in the boat with us.

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