Thursday, January 30, 2014

Settling in...

We wanted to post an update for you all...I know you are all so concerned for Derek and looking for answers.  I think it's important that we let you know that in this situation the answers are not going to come quickly.  Derek's transfer went well...we made it here...he's alive...they're doing everything they can to keep him with us.

Here are the basics:
The doctors are performing very extensive testing to find the source of this illness...but it is still unknown and may be for weeks. They are also treating other life threatening infections and organ failures to keep him alive.  Derek has been intibated/heavily sedated and is also on a ventilator...this is very serious.  That is why we opted for this transfer up here.

There is more involved here than a flu or pneumonia or other illness that many of us have experienced or heard about.  And that is why we are here at Northwestern!  We have a team of genius' working to figure this out...whooo hoooo!  With that said, I want to please ask you all to not send us any more ideas on what you think this "might" be. I know you have the very best save our precious Derek. But right now there are circumstances and things involved that are beyond the guidance of a google search. If I was at home caring for my sick hubby on the couch, I would need your help figuring it out!  This however, is very very different.

We have been getting literally joke..hundreds of suggestions thru text or email from people trying to help...and that is ALOT to navigate.  Our phones are blowing I'd love to be able to read thru them all and find out what actually fits here, but it just isn't possible.

What we desperately need from you is your prayers! We LOVE you all and are SO thankful for your support. 

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