Wednesday, September 19, 2012

camping in the living room

We attempted to camp in the living room recently.  The kids were begging us for a few days so we finally gave in.  We set up the dining room chairs and even laid the big chaise cushion on the floor (it's pretty big!)...the kids had their sleeping bags, baby dolls and even a flashlight. 
Everyone got tucked in and I told them I'd sit right next to them in the recliner until they fell asleep.  Rigby was a little unsure after a few minutes so I pulled the top of the tent back so they weren't completely covered...but the little guy kept saying "my bed mommy".  I guess he just likes to sleep in his own bed.  And who can blame him, right?
So then it was Mommy's turn to sleep in the tent with Row.  After I snuggled in I noticed Rowan kept moving and flopping all around...which not typically her style when she's going to sleep.  I asked her if she wanted to still sleep in tent, and she hesitated, but did say yes.  But I knew she was scared too...even with Mommy right next to her!  So I asked her if she would rather sleep in her own bed like Rigby, and assured her it was okay...and she finally admitted she wanted to go in her room. 
Needless to say, we haven't went "camping" since.  
this is after rig got scared...the top is folded back

situating the baby dolls

rigby is throwing in the towel...
my bed mommy!

and finally it was my turn...

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