Thursday, August 30, 2012

sweeties pies

my good friend liz watched the kiddos for me one afternoon and took some really cute photos of the girls (rowan and her daughter gretchen).  our girls love playing dress up together...and sharing their shoes and dresses and bathing suits...but of course not always their toys! 

we tried to have gretchen over for a sleepover a couple weeks ago, but the little sweetie pie didn't make it past 10:30pm. a couple hours after tucking them in i decided to go in and check on them to make sure they were sleeping and still not having "girl time" (as rowan likes to call it)...and i found little gretchen crying for her daddy :( i called him right away and he met me at a gas station half way between their house and mine. i woke up early the next morning to a sleepy eyed rowan asking where gretchen was. and oh my, rowan was so sad. she sat there for a minute after i broke the news and then asked, "mommy, gretchen doesn't like it here?". i tried to explain it to her in terms she could understand...i'm still not sure if she got it tho. she took it so personal...oh sensitive :) my guess is that we're probably in for a quite a few more late night gas station drop offs before these girls grow up.

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