Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rigby is 2!

alright, well thanks to blogger i can backdate my although this will be dated as april 2012, no one has to know that i didn't post it until december...yikes!  i feel so bad not posting rig's second birthday. i honestly didn't even realize i never did until i was looking back thru the year.  ok, here goes!
we decided to keep rigby's party on the smaller side and just invite grandpas and grandmas this year.  we figured since he's only two, he won't mind :)  and there was actually enough commotion that the party was still a party.  rigby requested "elmo" if you can't we got him a big elmo balloon and an elmo cake.  he was in LOVE.
we had some excitement when the balloon got away from it's weight and floated up to the top of our living room ceiling.  can you say major toddler meltdown? we decided to get the vaccuum out and use the extensio and believe it or not, once we got the string within reach of the tube, it sucked it right down!  whew. disaster avoided.
other than that, we had pizza and cake and a good ol' time :)

some of rig's gifts were:

a big wheels from daddy
a semi with cars on it from papa dan
a winnie the book from mimi and papa overman (with papa's voice recorded in it)
a yellow pick up truck and some cute shirts from grandma and grandpa gora
and a few other things that i know i'm forgetting!
rigby's thoughts...""

hugs for elmo!

the elmo face was actually a ring...rig loved it



uh oh!

men doing man stuff

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