Tuesday, November 15, 2011

halloween pics

i'm a little behind on my posts (as usual) but this time i have a good excuse!  somehow our usb camera cord went missing so i've had no way to upload them.  thankfully there's a guy at work who has the same camera, and i was able to use his.  things seem to grow legs and walk off in our house...i wonder how that could be???

for halloween this year, rigby was tigger (thanks to aunt janel) and rowan was tinkerbell.  i found rowan a tinkerbell mask on amazon and she totally loved it. she wore it all around the house and even to my work for trick or treat downtown.  but when it came time for halloween, she wouldn't have any part of it. 

tigger on the other hand, was happy with his costume, at least for the most part.  he was a little confused however, because rowan kept telling him he was going to be spiderman.  so all week we had a little sweet tigger walking around shooting webs out of his hand and thinking he was spiderman!  so sweet...and clueless!  he's still doing it too.  he'll walk up to someone and point his palm at them and say "psshhhh", which according to rigby is the sound a web makes as it's shot from your palm.  oh my :)

my little trick or treaters were a little timid of the accounting ladies at first

"airee" is warming them up...

trick or treating at DO

DO offspring...isn't the frog so cute?

and finally it's halloween...
and tinkerbell refuses to wear her mask

someone is on a mission!

derek and i dressed up for our youth group party...
a scream clown and rapunzel (tangled style)

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