Monday, September 19, 2011

Rowan's Birthday!

Well my little girl turned three last week...yes THREE!!  We had plans to have a big birthday party on Sunday, but decided instead to do a quick cake and ice cream thing on a weeknight with just family.  There are just so many birthdays this time of year for little ones and we've been a little overbooked timewise with everything we're involved in at church and with work, so we decided we needed a Sunday all to ourselves to just do nothing. Which we did by the way :)  It was a great day.  I cooked ribs and homemade bread (things I so enjoy but never have time to do) and the guys watched football.

But as usual, there's no such thing as a small party in our family!  We ended up having a big gang over anyway, and it turned out perfect.  I think we had over 20 people with all the cousins and kiddos...but I think that's easier to get thru than a party for 40.  The whole shabang was over in an hour and half and we had pizza (thanks to Nick!) and cake and ice cream...and lots of fun too.  We had kids running thru the house, kicking balls outside and swinging on the swingset...all free and unplanned entertainment which worked out well!

I asked Rowan what kind of birthday cake she wanted this year and she didn't bat an eye with an answer..."I want Barbie Mommy!"  So I decided I would make her one of those Wilton Barbie Cakes.  But time slipped away as usual and with the switching of the party to a weeknight, there was no way this working momma could whip out a cake.  So I zipped in to one of our local grocery stores and they actually had a similar Barbie bridal cake.  I asked them to change the white to purple and leave off the veil...and voila...a barbie cake made by someone else in 24 hours and it even came in a fabulous barbie box.  I think the only thing I would have changed was the flavor I chose...banana sounded good, tasted so so and looked gross!  But the kids didn't care.  They were all so excited about the cake and even kept opening the frig to admire it before cake time.  Rowan was sooooo pumped!  Here's a pic of the cake I took with my phone...

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