Sunday, May 15, 2011

easter with the gora's

we celebrated easter twice this year...once at bob & maureen's with the gora family and then we had my dad and sister and her husband over for the allen side.  derek's youngest sister (baby jenny as he likes to call her) was home from texas so we got to see her over easter which was great!  we love going to his parent's for the holidays...just getting to relax and spend time together as a family is such a blessing.  it's funny how we all live so close together and don't get to see each other much.  unfortunately though, i was sort of a mess for the gora easter.  lyme & company had the best of me that day, and i ended up sending derek and the kids over ahead of me so i could have a few minutes to try to pull myself together.  i was very emotional that day/weekend and felt like i was close to losing joke.  i have a sympathetic heart for those who suffer from depression, never having experienced it for myself as an adult.  it was seriously overwhelming, sort of this dark hopelessness that i just couldn't escape. i ended up sitting on the floor in my closet sobbing, and then blowing drying my hair and sobbing...and by the grace of God, actually forced myself to leave and head over for easter, puffy face and all. :)  what a day -- oh my goodness.  it was an interesting weekend to say the least, but God saw us through it.  i can actually say that it's so good to be in a place where we need God. so many people complain about the hard times, but really, it's so humbling and such a blessing.  there's nothing like lying in bed with tears flooding your cheeks while your husband holds you and prays :)

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