Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I guess we're still busy, because I haven't had time to keep up with posts here lately.  What have we been doing?  WHO KNOWS!  I've been working late hours the last month, Derek's been Mr. Mom doing laundry and dishes, Rowan has been crazy as ever carrying purses everywhere and talking our ears off, and Rigby has been eating everything in sight (including things that are NOT food), having ear infections, and working his way towards walking. 

Getting ready for some snow time with daddy

A moment of glee opening her Woody & Jessie from Mimi

A typical night...the kids love to play in Rigby's crib

Still playing...

Rig eats like a champ!

More please!!

My little Rowan...shoes with no socks, no pants, a baby hat backwards, and a stroller with at least 2 purses
loving her Woody
more love to Woody

doing Daddy's hair...gotta love the make-shift cape

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